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A furuba manga RP! Wahoo!
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Yay! Welcome to Onigiri_madness, a pyschotic Furuba RP that feels like continuing the story damnit, since we've been left on such a cliffhanger! Well, we won't be starting exactly from where the manga ended, but the missing chars (Rin, Kureno...) get their chance in the spotlight here too! We're beginning at the summerhouse from chapter something or other that I'm too lazy to look up right now! XD

Already claimed:
Tohru little_umeboshi
Kyou thecatcameback
Shigure i_heart_hsgirls
Hatori annoyednpained
Ayame iamawesomeaya
Rin the_bitch_rin
Momiji mapleleafbunny
Akito iruleyouall
Hiro baa_baa_hiro
Hatsuharu bipolargraytone
Uotani- redbutterflyjr
Mii-chan- reserved

Still in need of:
and anyone else you can think of ^_^()

So submit a request and send me an email w/ a sample post of the character(s) you'd like to try for. Limit is 3 chars!
Original Character applications will be accepted, but a detailed back story and a good sample post will be needed. They'll also be reviewed by the other mods.

Let the games begin!

Fruits Basket is copyrighted and used w/o permission. If I owned Fruits Basket I would be awesome and rich. Since I'm a poor college student, I don't think that's the case.

This is a welcoming RP community, so we don't accept character bashing or TAKING THE GAME TOO SERIOUSLY.
Remember everyone, this is a game and it's meant to be fun.

Let's stay together itsumo...